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Final Expense Insurance

What is final Expense Life Insurance?
Final expense insurance is generally a type of permanent life insurance used to cover final medical costs and other end-of-life expenses, most often funeral and burial costs including services, items (like a casket and hearse), and/or cremation. Final expense insurance has a lot in common with guaranteed issue lifeinsurance. Unlike traditional life insurance policies, which require an investigation into your health – including a paramedical exam – guaranteed policies don’t require such in-depth research and applicants will often be insured after answering only a few questions.

What’s good about a Final Expense Life Insurance policy?
Final expense insurance is relatively affordable if you’re on a tight budget. It typically doesn’t provide as much coverage as other life insurance policies, but if you only need enough of a payout to cover burial costs, rather than a payout for long-term expenses, it could be enough for your needs.

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